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Most of my journal is locked now. Please comment to be added. Many lovings.

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oh, please keep me as a friend. I noticed that I hadn't seen many posts from you in a while, and then two today. I hope to stay a friend!

Hello, darling. This is Meg, from GG. You commented on my own F/O post a while back, but never added me. If you've since decided against it, I certainly respect and understand that. If not, though, I'd love to be added. :)
Heh, Meg, its more like I am very LJ illiterate and did not know I had not friended you. ;) I did that just now.
Hello Lady Lissa!! I'm Lady Kate from Gibson Manor! Is it alright to friend you?
I'd love to be your friend on here! We need to keep up with each other better. *hug*

~ Lindsay
I like your book recommendations via wistfulmaid/radiantlove. I would like to see more of them if you wouldn't mind another friend.