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dancing in the morning sun


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Tea drinker. Literature addict. Music critic. Lover of learning, laughing, dancing, and writing. Daughter, sister, friend.

I am on twitter much more than here. (@missmellie)
I blog. http://devasha.blogspot.com Find me?

I am a Christian. Jesus defines my life. I refused to be defined by a church or denomination. I follow Jesus and strive to serve Him despite my imperfections. I am growing and learning and changing and struggling every day on my journey.

printed sheets. curtains blowing in the open window kind of breeze. puppy at the end of the hall. banister. kitchen island. piano playing nights. blanket in the backyard on summer nights. walks to the library. school bus. sunrises. bookshelves filled. thunderstorms upstairs. hairbows. soccer games. ballet. tea time. church. coffee table pictures. reunions. mugs of morning coffee. coloring books. rocking chairs.